Why Great Things Take Time

No one plants seeds today and expects a tree and fruits tomorrow. No woman gets pregnant and expects to give birth in a week. No one register for a university program and expects to graduate in a week.

We understand that some things take the time they take. It doesn’t matter that you would prefer the process to go faster. Some things just take time, and you must learn to be patient and to make the most of the process.

Sometimes, you can accelerate the process—somewhat. But in essence, certain things just come with their relatively lengthy process.


There’s greatness in you. No doubt. But like a seed, the fruit of your greatness needs time to manifest. You must identify the seeds of greatness you’re carrying and nurture them. That is, you must recognize your gifts and talents and work diligently to maximize them.

Before you can deploy your gifts and talents and have the world taste the fruits of your greatness, you must develop them. Practice. Practice. Practice. Work. Work. Work. And this takes time. If you hope to express the fullness of your greatness, you must cultivate your natural abilities. And you can’t bypass this process.

You may wish this was a short process; it’s not. But what is the alternative? Dying with your greatness locked inside of you. Not a good alternative. Whatever time it takes to share your greatness, it’s worth it.


Life is a journey of growth. To become the husband, the wife, the friend, the parent, the boss, the employee, the pastor, the entrepreneur, …, you’re meant to be, you must commit to your growth.

For instance, through consuming empowering content and receiving training, coaching and mentoring, you nurture your mind continually. With time, you begin to “blossom” and become the best version of you.

To become all you can be, you must endure the process of growth. Growth isn’t easy but necessary. If you become impatient during the journey of growth, you may be tempted to abort the journey and settle for the comfortable land of mediocrity. If you settle, you never reach high levels of excellence—which you were meant to reach.


You have great goals to achieve. However, when a goal is great, it takes time to reach. Building anything significant demands time. Influenced by the “fast food” mentality, you may believe that you can press a couple of buttons and voila, your goal is reached. But it doesn’t work like that.

Your great goal will take longer than you think; it’ll cost you more than you expected; it’ll be harder than you anticipated.

To reach your goal, you must make it through the journey. And a great goal always comes with great challenges. When the going gets tough, don’t be surprised. Obstacles and opposition are part of the journey. Achieving your great goal demands a firm commitment.

You’re designed to show your greatness, to reach high levels of excellence, and achieve great goals—among other things. But you must endure the process, which takes time.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.