Why People Fail to Cultivate Their Mindsets – Part 2

Mindsets are meant to be cultivated. Ultimately, your mindsets—your frame of mind—plays a central role in determining your performance in whatever you do and the results you get in life.

Unfortunately, many people never become intentional about cultivating mindsets that support their performance and help them achieve their goals. In my previous post, I shared three reasons that people fail to cultivate their mindsets. In this post, I share a three more.

They Believe It’s Too Complex

A fourth reason that people don’t cultivate their mindsets is that they believe it’s too complex. They think that to change their mindsets, they must engage in extremely complicated activities. And although they desire to change their way of thinking, they feel it’s out of their reach.

Granted, mindsets aren’t easy to change. However, that isn’t to say that they are complicated to change. You don’t need to perform complex stunts or engage in convoluted schemes to improve your mindsets. What you do need though is a strong commitment to the process of change.

In simple terms, to improve your mindsets, you must first identify the mindsets that will produce the results you want, and then, you must do what it takes to cultivate them in your life. That’s it.

As you know, to improve your physical health, you don’t need to engage in a complex fitness program. There are very simple sets of exercises you can do to promote good health. Likewise, there are simple ways to develop great mindsets.

They Don’t Recognize They Must

A fifth reason that people fail to cultivate their mindsets is that they don’t believe they need to change. In their mind, they’re just fine: others need to change, but not them. These people have a tendency to pass the buck and make excuses for their poor results. Their failure to recognize the need to improve their mindsets limits their potential to achieve great results in their life; to better their results they would need to raise their level of thinking.

We all need to grow and improve our mindsets, and this is a lifelong journey. In fact, maintaining a positive frame of mind isn’t a one-day thing, and we never really arrive at a point where there’s no more room for improvement.

If you’re not satisfied with your current results, don’t point the finger at others. Look within yourself. Examine your mindsets and you’ll realize that you have areas that can be improved.

They Don’t Believe They Can Change

Some people believe that mindsets are fixed, and thus can’t be changed. It’s as if someone’s mindsets were coded in their DNA, and therefore any attempt to change them is futile and destined to fail. If you have negative thought patterns, then tough luck, there’s nothing you can do about it: you were born that way and you will die that way. Because of this belief, these people don’t bother engaging in the process of developing great results mindsets.

You need to know this. Mindsets are not innate. And although your temperament may make you more prone to adopt certain mindsets, mindsets can be changed. By letting go of old, limiting beliefs and embracing new, liberating ones, you can change your mindsets and in turn, change your results.

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