Why People Fail to Cultivate Their Mindsets – Part 1

Mindsets lead results. Poor mindsets lead to poor results. Great mindsets lead to great results. Change your mindsets, change your results.

Your mindsets have a great impact on your performance in every area of your life. Therefore, if you want to achieve great results in your life, you must cultivate great mindsets.

Here’s an important question: If mindsets have such a profound effect on performance and results, why do so few people intentionally work at cultivating mindsets that will help them propel their life forward? There are various reasons for this. And in this two-part series, I want to give you the most common ones.

Note: I use mindsets in the plural to account for the various aspects of your frame of mind that come together to lead your performance and results.

1. They Don’t Realize It’s Possible

One reason that people fail to cultivate their mindsets is it simply never dawned on them that this is something they could do. They are unaware that the quality of their life is directly influenced by their frame of mind.

Even when they are conscious that their current results are mediocre, they never realize the major role their mindsets have played in this. They go through life oblivious to the necessity of deliberately developing mindsets that support their performance. And because of this lack of awareness, they never engage in the process of cultivating their mindsets.

Awareness is the first step in fostering change in your life, and thus, you must realize the importance of being deliberate about developing mindsets that promote great results.

2. They Don’t Know How

Another reason people fail to cultivate their mindsets is they simply don’t know how. They are fully aware that, to achieve great results in their life, their thinking must change. However, they don’t know how they can make the required changes, and as a result, their performance suffers.

Like a mouse stuck in a maze, they spend days, weeks, months, and even years, going around in circles, bumping into one wall after another, without ever finding their way to a place where they behold the results they so crave for. This can be very frustrating.

Unfortunately, it’s possible to go through school and even graduate with honors from a major university without ever receiving one hour of instruction on how to improve your mindsets. Yet, mindsets play a vital role in your success in life. Accumulating data and knowledge isn’t the same as acquiring wisdom.

You must become a student of mindsets and learn strategies to improve them.

3. They Think It’s Automatic

Some people have bought into the myth that mindsets automatically get better with time. Thus, for them, there is no need to be deliberate about cultivating their mindsets.

Although mindsets can (and should) get better with time, it’s certainly not always the case. If you adopt disempowering mindsets, you’ll see that, with time, they get stronger and become harder to change; mindsets can get worst.

Have you ever met an older person who is negative and bitter? I’m sure you have. Clearly, they didn’t improve with time. In many cases, they got to that state because, by developing negative mindsets, they neglected their mind and it deteriorated.

Not everyone gets wiser as they get older. Suggesting the contrary would be as silly as saying a garden automatically gets better with time. You know this isn’t true; it depends on what you plant in the garden and how well you take care of it. Your mindsets will ultimately be defined by the seeds you plant in your mind and how well you tend to your mind.

When you take care of your mind it ameliorates; when you don’t, it degenerates. You must be intentional about taking care of your mind and cultivating great mindsets.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.