Why You Haven’t Launched Your Big Project Yet

There’s a big project you want to realize: you want to write a book; you want to launch your business; you want to record a music album, etc. You’ve been talking about this project for a while now–perhaps even years. However, you still haven’t launched it—at least, not in a convincing way. Why? What are you waiting for?

I’ll give you the answer. You’re waiting for everything to be just right. The conditions aren’t yet quite where you want them to be. You’re waiting for the perfect timing and perfect conditions. Once the stars are aligned, you’ll finally undertake your great journey.

I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news: the stars don’t perfectly align—ever. That is, perfect conditions won’t come. And if you keep waiting for them, you’ll miss your opportunity to make something great happen for yourself.

You’ll look back and beat yourself for not launching sooner.

Waiting for perfect conditions is like searching for a perfect person to be your life partner. You won’t find them, and you know it. There are many great people in the world, but no perfect one. Likewise, you may get excellent conditions, but you won’t have perfect ones; there’s usually something that’s not quite right.

Now the good news. Conditions don’t have to be perfect for you to make progress. No matter your circumstances, you can do something to move your project forward.

Conditions are secondary to your commitment. To the committed, conditions are no deterrent. If your project is important enough to you, you’ll find ways to make it move forward, even when the conditions are less than ideal.

Of course, I’m sensitive to the fact that, depending on your current reality, you may not be able to invest as much time as you wish on your project, but if that project is important to you, there’s something you can do now to bring you one step closer to its realization.

You may not dispose of enough time to focus on the writing of your masterpiece. However, you can start researching your subject matter or even simply begin to collect your ideas in your journal. If you’re committed to your project, you’ll find something you can do, regardless of your condition.

Here’s the deal. You’ve waited long enough. Now, it’s time to take action.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.