Why You Must Be Intentional About Your Attitude

When you go to a restaurant, you expect your waiter to be warm and courteous. If the waiter is cold and rude, you’ll think twice before you set foot in that restaurant again. For sure, you won’t be inclined to give them a tip after your meal.

When you interact with people—whether it be the bank teller, the customer service representative, the taxi driver, the cashier, etc.—you expect them to treat you with respect; furthermore, you expect them to make you feel welcome and valued. And when they don’t make you feel that way, you have a bad experience.

In most cases, your expectation isn’t limited to your interactions with people in business; it extends to your interaction with the other people in your life. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t want to be met with a cold and rude spouse. When you get to work, you don’t want to spend your time with angry and disrespectful coworkers.

Turns out that the people you interact with, have the same unexpressed expectation: when they come in contact with you, they want to feel valued and welcomed. When they leave your presence, they may not remember much of what you said, but they’ll certainly remember how you made them feel, especially if you made them feel undesired.

Your attitude matters. It influences the way people feel when they’re in your presence and the feeling that stays with them once you’re gone. A negative attitude leaves an unfavorable impression behind you.

Your attitude is entirely up to you; you choose your attitude. Be intentional about your attitude, knowing that it has an impact on the people you interact with. Put in extra effort to make sure people feel welcome and valued when they come in contact with you. When you do this, people will seek your company and will go out of their way to help you.

People want to spend time with others who make that uplift their soul. They want to work with those who value the collaboration. They want to journey with friends who have their best interest at heart.

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Vladimir Elie

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