Why You Must Focus on Your Mindsets – Part 1

Mindsets define results. Ultimately, the results you get in life are a reflection of your mindsets. Don’t underestimate the impact your mindsets have on your life.

Your mindsets influence all aspects of your life.

Mindsets Influence How You Interpret What Happens to You

In life, everyone has ups and downs: everyone encounters obstacles, experiences setbacks, and go through trials. However, not everyone reacts the same when facing these challenges.

Two people can experience the exact same thing, and while one complains and whines, the other is seeking for ways to make things better; while one wants to throw in the towel, the other rises up as a conqueror and gleans all the wisdom they can get from the situation; while one falls into depression, the other finds creative solutions.

Because these two people have opposite mindsets, they interpret what happens to them in different ways.

Your mindsets give you the glasses with which you see your world. Empowering mindsets allow you to interpret what happens to you in a way that empowers you to grow and move your life forward. They help you respond to situations in an effective and constructive way.

Mindsets Influence How You Design Your Life

Some people believe that they can’t do anything to improve their life. In their mind, life has given them unfavorable cards, and they can’t do much about it. As a result, they go through life making no effort to better their lives. These people often have a well-rehearsed list of reasons why their life isn’t what they wish it would be and why they can’t do anything about it.

They blame the government, their employer, their ex-husband or ex-wife, the economy, etc. These people operate under disempowering mindsets that erode their sense of agency (i.e. their awareness that they are active agents in the shaping of their life).

Empowering mindsets push you to take charge of your life and become an active agent in shaping it.

When you adopt the right mindsets, you start living your life by design rather than by default. You’re no longer a passive agent in the story of your life, at the mercy of your current condition and the events in your life. Instead, you make decisions and take steps No, you play a key role in determining what your life looks like and where you end up in life.

Mindsets Influence How You Relate to Others

Humans are designed for relationships: to interact, collaborate, and connect with others. Your beliefs about others influence greatly your ability to foster healthy relationships.

If you believe that you don’t need anyone and that you can make it through life alone, you’ll neglect your relationships and even push people away.

If you believe that others are “inferior” (i.e. that you are above everyone else), you’ll have a tendency of devaluing others’ contribution and perspectives.

Positive mindsets help you be in the right frame of mind to foster fulfilling, healthy relationships in your life. In the end, there are no great results without great relationships.

The mindsets you cultivate are vitally important; they are a foundational building block for achieving the great results in your life.

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