Why You Must Focus to Reach Your Goal

Unless you focus your attention and energy on your goal, you’ll never achieve it. There’s no way around it. To reach your goal, you must focus long enough on it.

If you were going from your home to the mall, you would hop on your car and drive there, and in 20 minutes, you’d be there. Imagine how much time it would take you to get there if you would turn every time you cross an intersection. It would take forever because all these detours aren’t leading you closer to your destination; they’re setting off course.

Achieving a goal is a lot like driving from your home to the mall (or to any destination of your choice for that matter). You must travel the distance by following the main path there. Although there might be an alternative route, there’s usually an optimal path.

You may want to take a different path for various reasons. For example, you may want to drive next to the river because you want to sightsee on your way to the mall. And that’s fine. It’s your journey after all.

However, turning at every intersection (or at most intersections) won’t take you where you’re trying to get. It’ll only make you lose time and gas (i.e., energy).

In other words, allowing yourself to get distracted, continually, hinders your progress toward your goal. You must discipline yourself to stay focus on your goal until you reach it. It isn’t always easy given the distractions and obstacles you must overcome along the way.

Whether you get distracted because you keep falling for time wasters or because you keep coming up with new goals to pursue without having reached the previous ones, the result is the same: you lose your focus (and accomplish nothing).

When a goal is important, you must protect the time, attention, and energy your goals demand. You must resist the assault of dangerous distractions.

If you chase too many goals at once, you won’t achieve any; each goal won’t get the time, attention, and energy it deserves and requires. You can go to the mall, the dry cleaners, the gas station, and visit your friend, but not at the same time.

Place your goals one after the other, and you’ll have a better chance to reach them all. Of course, you can pursue more than one goal at once. But you must be careful not to spread yourself too thin.

Keep your eyes on the road ahead, lest you lose control of your car and bump another vehicle while you’re distracted. If you want to reach your goal, you must focus.

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Vladimir Elie

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