Why You Must Get a Great Guide

When I started to teach myself how to play the piano (many years ago), I met a piano teacher who shared with me a piece of advice I wish I had followed more diligently during my younger years. He said, “Find a good piano teacher and take piano lessons; when you follow a good teacher’s guidance, you accelerate your learning…”

This was great advice, which at the time, I failed to understand the value; having a great guide really helps you along the way.

A Great Guide Saves You a Time

You waste a lot of time when you try to figure everything on your own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Someone has gone through this path before you, and they can help you shorten your learning curve.

A Great Guide Saves You Energy

As with time, your energy is limited. It’s a waste of energy to toil but get very little results. By showing you exactly where you should invest your energy for maximum impact, a great guide helps you get the most return on your efforts.

A Great Guide Saves You From Needless Frustration

A great guide knows many of the challenges you will face along the way and they have that crucial insight as to how to overcome them. Whereas you keep banging your head against the wall, a great guide will show you where the entrance to the building is, and you will avoid a lot of frustration.

A Great Guide Saves You from Delusion

You can delude yourself into believing that you’re doing what it takes to reach your goal when in fact you’re not. A great guide doesn’t let you get away with this. He or she tells you the truth, and if you’re not delivering on your promises to yourself, they don’t let you off the hook. They know what you need to do to be successful on your quest, and they make sure you’re held accountable for it. This is salutary.

Life is too short for you to try and figure everything out on your own. Leveraging the expertise and experience of great guides is key for achieving great results in your life.

I wish I had taken heed to that advice more intently. Don’t go through life trying to figure everything out on your own, especially since you’re surrounded by many great guides, who would be very happy to mentor you.

Now, when I’m embarking on a new endeavor or want to learn something new, I naturally seek to find a great guide (live or online), who can give me a map or help me find one.

Action Step

Think of an area of your life where you’ve been struggling or a field that is new to you. Find someone you trust who is a bit further down the line than you. And after giving him or her a synopsis of your situation, ask:  “What should my first step (or next step)?” Then, listen and take heed to their advice.