Why You Must Inject a Little More Fear in Your Life

Because we don’t like feeling afraid, we naturally seek to avoid fear. But fear isn’t always a bad thing. It depends on what or whom we fear and why we fear. There are many situations where fear can serve us. For example, fear can alert us of imminent danger and incite us to protect ourselves.

As it relates to achieving remarkable results and producing great work, fear can attest that you’re on the right path.

In fact, if your goal doesn’t attract the attention of fear, your goal might be too small. When you attempt an ambitious goal, a goal that will take you outside of your comfort zone, you must be ready for fear’s surprise visit.

Fear loves to show up and test how committed you are to your goals. When fear shows up uninvited to your planning sessions, don’t take it as an indication that you should beat a retreat. See it for what it is: a sign that you’re pursuing a growth goal (i.e., a goal that demands that you grow). Don’t fear fear; use it as a compass.

As you can imagine, I’m talking here about fear related to pursuing great goals and performing meaningful work, not fear that comes from, say, going to the dentist or the prospect of misplacing your car keys. When you commit to a great goal, you risk failure, rejection, and embarrassment, and this is fertile ground for fear.

A clear sign that you’re stuck in your comfort zone and that you’re perhaps stagnating is that fear doesn’t visit you anymore; you don’t give it any reason to. Fear doesn’t waste its time with people who aren’t doing anything or going anywhere. It shows up to oppose those who defy the status quo and who are engaged on the path of personal growth.

If you’re going to achieve remarkable results and produce great work in the world, you have to become comfortable with fear. You look it in the face and take action forward anyway. If your goal is important enough to pursue, it’s valuable enough to overcome fear. In other words, the fact that you feel fear doesn’t have to hold you back; it can propel you forward.

When you can feel fear but still do the right thing (i.e., take action) anyway, you win.

You may have been playing too safe. If so, inject a little more fear in your life: dream bigger, set greater goals, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, explore new opportunities, produce more meaningful work, challenge yourself to grow.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.