Why You Must Keep Your “Why” Before Your Eyes

On the road to achieving a great goal, you’ll hit roadblocks and face challenges. Despite your best efforts to plan for a smooth journey, you’ll need to overcome obstacles: things won’t always go as planned; you won’t always get the support you expected; your resources will run low; tiredness and discouragement will seek to make you fold and go home, etc.

Roadblocks and challenges arise at any time while you journey. They don’t need an invitation; they just show up and put your goal in jeopardy.

When obstacles threatened your goal, reconnect with your reason for launching on the journey in the first place: your “Why”. There are reasons that motivated you to leave the safe shores of your comfort zone and set your sail towards uncharted territories. Those reasons form your “Why”. And you must keep your “Why” before your eyes—if you hope to reach your destination.

Sometimes, as you pursue your goal, you lose sight of your “Why”. This may not be a big deal when the journey is going smoothly, but when you’re encountering resistance and facing challenges, you must draw energy from your “Why”.

“Why” is this goal important to you? “Why” did you launch that business? “Why” did you embark on that project? “Why” did you launch on this great journey? Why?

If your “Why” is big enough, you’ll figure out the “How”.

To reconnect with your “Why”, remind yourself of what is at stakes: What are the benefits of reaching your goal? What are the consequences of failing to reach it?

What will happen if you build that business? Perhaps you’ll provide for your family, create jobs for others, and solve an important problem for the marketplace. Conversely, if you give up on your goal, perhaps you’ll be in a dire financial situation, many people will be without work, and a gap will be left in the marketplace.

What will happen if you finish and publish that book? Perhaps you’ll share life-changing ideas, create a work of art that will outlive you, and add extraordinary value to the lives of your readers. Conversely, if you fail to reach your goal, perhaps your ideas will die with you and many people won’t get to be impacted by your words.

Your “Why” propels you towards your goal. Keep it before your eyes.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.