Why You Must Let Go of the Individualistic Mindset

A few years ago, I listen to a music album from an artist who was apparently performing all the parts on the album: he played the piano, the drums, the bass, and all the other instruments; and he sang lead vocals and the harmonies. As if this wasn’t enough, he produced and recorded the album himself in the comfy of his home. And the album sounded quite good too.

Today, especially because of technology, we can accomplish many things by ourselves. This artist leveraged the power of digital recording to produce a whole musical album by himself. Quite a feat that was almost unthinkable not so long ago.

Although, you can sit from the comfy of your homes and leverage technology to do a whole lot, don’t be fooled; no one achieves great results as a lone ranger. Avoid cultivating a false sense of auto-sufficiency: the sense that you don’t need anyone else to achieve results; the belief that you can do everything all by yourself, without help from others.

The Superman and Superwoman syndrome has infected some people, who wrongly believe that they can achieve great results by themselves. These people have no appetite for collaboration. They rarely ask for help or for other people’s advice. People with this mindset struggle to trust and work with others. They deceive and limit themselves, believing they need nothing to very little from others.

Get this. Achieving great results is a team sport. No one makes it alone. We need others to succeed. The results we get together surpass the subtotal of the results we can get separately. Even the one-man-show artist had to rely on other people and services (e.g. graphic designers, photographers, Itunes, etc.) to finalize his project.

If you’ve been operating under an individualistic mindset, it’s time to drop it. There’s power in collaboration and interdependence. Without interdependence, an essential dimension of life is missing; life is about relationships. It’s about the connections you have in your life. This need for connectivity is so visceral to humans that even in this technological era, where we spend much time in our cocoons, we still find ways to have some level of connection through social media and other means.

Connections are vital to life and to great results.

To work productively in an interdependent relationship, you must open yourself to others and to what they have to offer, and avoid thinking that “your way” is the “only way”, let alone the “best way”.

You hold yourself to high standards, I know. And you may believe that no one else around you can meet these standards. However, others don’t have to perform tasks and activities in the exact same way as you would to collaborate with you productively. In fact, there are many ways to achieve the same results. And the truth is that if you let them bring their uniqueness to the equation, the final product will probably better than what you would have done by yourself.

You may start your journey by yourself, but sooner or later, you need the help of others. You must establish productive connections with them; they bring a different set of gifts and experiences to the table. Connections are a great multiplier. Multiply your results with great connections.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.