Why You Must Look Back on Your Year – Part 2

Every year brings its share of challenges (i.e., obstacles, setbacks, opposition, etc.), and I’m sure this year wasn’t any different. These challenges aren’t meant to break us but to make us stronger and wiser.

Looking back on these moments rich in “growth” fertilizer helps you crystallize the lessons you’ve learned (or relearned) during the past year.

Life Is a Trainer

Life is a trainer, and through the events of our lives—in particular, harder events—it builds our character, resilience, and our compassion; that is if we don’t let these events get the best of us.

We must discipline our hearts not to let these events make us bitter but better. These events can lead to grimness or greatness—it all depends on how we decide to react to them. A negative attitude leads to grimness, a positive one to greatness.

Your mindset affects your interpretation of your life events. It determines whether life challenges break you or build you. Challenges don’t have to make you weaker; they can make you stronger. And it depends on your frame of mind.

When you look back over the past year, what challenges contributed to building your character, resilience, and compassion? How have these challenges changed you for the better?

Life Is a Teacher

Life is a teacher, and it uses the challenging moments in our lives to teach us about ourselves, others, and the world. Sometimes, to understand the effects of fire on the skin, we have to get burnt on the stove of life. However, if we pay attention and seek to glean wisdom from these challenging times, we come out of the experience a little wiser.

Too often, we go through situations, but fail to learn the lessons therein. Thus, we miss out on an excellent opportunity for growth. Every experience holds seeds of wisdom, and it’s our job to glean from each experience.

All lessons don’t have to be earth-shattering. In fact, most are reminders. Sometimes, the experience simply allows you to see an old truth in a new light. You just keep your eye, heart, and mind open so that you can gather as many seeds of wisdom as you can from your experiences.

When you look back over the past year, what seeds of wisdom can you glean from your various experiences? What are the most important lessons you’ve learned this year? Why? Surely, you must have learned at least one valuable lesson this year. What is it?

When you review your year, don’t only identify your yearly highlights (which we covered in the previous post). But also make sure you recognize how you grew this year and became a better version of you.

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Vladimir Elie

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