Why You Must Maximize Every Season

Life is a series of seasons. You go from one season of your life to the next. There was a time when you were just a little child learning your ABCs, dependent on your parents for food, clothing, shelter, and all your other needs and wants. That was a season of your life.

Today, you’re in a very different season of your life. But to get from that dependent child to where you are today, you had to go through various seasons. And in the process of going through these seasons, you matured.

However, your journey isn’t finished; you have other seasons to go through. And in what you do in your current season is preparing for the next one.

Each season carries its benefits and responsibilities and challenges. Whereas when you were a child you didn’t have a lot of responsibilities, you didn’t have a lot of freedoms as well. Now, you have more freedoms, but it comes with more responsibilities as well.

No season is better than the other; they’re just different. What matters is that you must learn to make the most of each season, mainly because each season prepares you for the upcoming one.

Like each school grade prepares you for the next, the lessons you learn and maturity you acquire during one season of your life, serves you during the next season of your life.

When you were in school, if you “goofed off” during class, you would potentially miss critical concepts, which were essential for other concepts that were to follow later. When you fail to learn vital lessons during one season of your life, it cripples you for the next season of your life. And sometimes, it’s so grave that you pay the consequences big time.

For example, if you don’t learn how to foster healthy friendships and relationships during your younger years, it comes back to haunt as an adult. During your formative years, you should have learned basic communication skills and sharpen your relational acumen. But because you didn’t, now, you’re crippled in the area of relationships.

The same could be said about all the other areas of your life (e.g., money management; time management; work ethics; etc.).

A mistake that many people make is that they’re so impatient to see their next season come that they miss the lessons they were supposed to learn during the current season.

For example, the single woman who craves to get married and fails to maximize her season of singleness. Because of her obsession with getting married, she, unfortunately, misses many lessons she should have learned while still single. Now that her dream came true, she struggles because she yet has to learn those lessons, but she has the added pressure of having to meet the needs of her spouse.

Each season builds on top of the previous one. Thus, you’d be wise to always lay a solid foundation at each stage of your life. Each season of your life is valuable; strive to maximize it.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.