Why You Must Maximize the Offseason

Last week, my son started his basketball season. Now that all the players are back on the court, we can see which ones have been practicing during the offseason and which ones have not.

What players do during the offseason impacts what happens during the season. If they waste their time and fail to prepare during the offseason, it shows when the season starts; they struggle to perform.

This isn’t about sports only. Whatever you do, there’s the “season”, a period when you have to “perform”; and the “offseason”, a period when you’re not performing, but should be preparing.

The offseason is a key part of the equation. What you do during that time matters. If you fail to prepare during the offseason, you struggle to perform during the season.

In fact, during the offseason, you must sharpen your skills (and perhaps acquire new ones), invest time in learning and training, and maintain your physical and mental shape.

The offseason isn’t a time to slouch on the couch, eat potato chips, and neglect your physical and mental shape. If you do, you pay it bitterly when the whistle blows and you’re expected to perform.

What are you doing during your “offseasons”: while the spotlight isn’t on you?

You may not be part of a sports team, but you have your own area where you are expected to perform. The question is are you making sure you remain sharp in your area of expertise? Or are you resting on your laurels and failing to keep your “ax” sharp?

The key to your performance (long-term) isn’t only what happens on the court, but also what happens off the court: when no one is there to applaud you; when you don’t have a paycheck to incentivize you to work; when no one is on your back to force you to practice; when you don’t have peer pressure to coerce you to act; when you’re all by yourself and must decide what you do with your time; when everything in you wants to slack off, but you know you must work. That’s when it counts.

To become world class in your chosen field, you must maximize the offseason. While everyone else is playing it cool and becoming “rusty”, you’re at the gym, or at the library, or registering for continuous education classes, or learning online, or practicing your craft, or doing whatever you can to become better at what you do. That’s what give you your edge.

Don’t neglect your offseasons; they hold the key to your success.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.