Why You Must Sacrifice Greatly

In life, if you wish to sacrifice little, you must also attempt little. If you desire comfort, great goals aren’t for you. The path of great achievements appears to those willing to sacrifice greatly.

When you decide to go after meaningful dreams, you must be prepared to make many sacrifices. And the higher you shoot for, the greater the sacrifices you’ll need to make.

That’s why a good dose of passion and commitment is indispensable for your journey. Passion lights up a fire in your heart; this fire keeps you warm during the cold segments of your journey. Commitment keeps pushing you forward even when strong headwinds conspire to make you beat a retreat.

When it comes to achieving great goals, there are no free passes. Great goals don’t just happen. You need to pay a tuition fee just to join the race, and then you must continue paying until you reach the finish line. You pay by sacrificing leisure, trivial activities, extra hours of sleep, donuts, sodas, overprices baubles, etc. The fees can take various forms, but if you want a shot at your goals, you must pay them.

Have you considered the cost of your goal? When you aspire to climb a high mountain, you would be wise to count the cost of the climb. Once you assess the cost, you’re in a better position to determine whether you can afford it. And whatever your estimated cost, know this: it always costs more.

Despite the cost, if your goal is compelling enough, you must go after it; the cost of sacrifice is cheaper than the cost of regret. Yes, when you pursue an inspiring goal, there’s a risk that you might fail. But it’s better to fail at a great goal than to regret never pursuing it. Failure is bitter, but it’s sweeter than regret.

How much longer will you hesitate? How much longer will you stay on the sidelines? You already know you want to do this. Now, you must decide to pay the price. It’s time; go for it.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.