Why You Must Track the Progress of Your Goal

I enjoy traveling using the “GPS” system on my phone (Google Maps). In addition to the fact that it provides me with clear instructions on where to turn, one of the reasons I appreciate this system is that it also offers me an estimate of the time it will take me to reach my destination. And as I get closer to my target, the system gives me an updated estimated time of arrival.

In the background, the “GPS” system tracks my moves and keeps measuring the distance from my current position to my target. Based on this (and other pieces of data), it can continue to tell me how much time I still have to travel to reach my destination. This valuable information allows me to adjust my driving strategy when needed or to call someone (if for example, I’m running late).

When you pursue a goal, you’re traveling from a start point to a target. And although you may not have an automatic GPS-like system for your project, you must find ways to track your progress; it’s a discipline you must develop.

Tracking your progress allows you to determine how much more time and resources, you’ll need to reach your destination. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to notice if you’re starting to get off course. And if others are involved in the pursuit of your goal, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and the right track.

This information then helps plan for the rest of your journey. For instance, it enables you to assess whether or not you need to adjust your plan and your pace to ensure you reach your goal within your time and resource constraints.

If you’ve taken the time to break down your goal into sub-goals during the planning phase, you can use your sub-goals as markers of your progress. As well, you can evaluate your progress according to a predetermined frequency. For example, you can decide to review your progress once a week.

The important thing is that you find ways to evaluate your project regularly and that, when applicable, you adjust accordingly.

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Vladimir Elie

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