Why You Should Ignore the Voice of Fear

It’s easy to let fear talk you out of what you want to do (and sometimes need to do). In fact, when you’re contemplating your goal, all sorts of thoughts can assault your mind: Will you be good enough? Will you make a fool out of yourself (and perhaps others)? Will you reach your destination? Will you have enough resources? Etc. There are so many ways that fear can deter you from your goal.

If you entertain the message sent by fear, you’ll never start anything; you’ll seek to keep the status quo at all cost. And by doing so, you’ll be selling yourself short. You’ll miss out on great opportunities and, at the same time, you won’t contribute as much as you can (fear will paralyze you).

You can’t stop fear from speaking and spew its messages on you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to take heed to them. You can ignore them; they’re crippling.

Instead of listening to the voice of fear, you can listen to the voice of faith: you can believe that you can achieve your goal; you can believe that despite the challenges and obstacles that come your way, you can figure out your way to your destination. You can speak the language of faith and counteract fear’s message.

You don’t need to let fear have the best of you. Stop staying on the sideline just because you fear getting hit. Get on the court and begin to play the game. You’re not meant to be a bystander.
How many goals you’ve placed on the ice just because of fear? What would pursue if you stopped paying attention to the voice of fear?

This post is meant to give you the little nudge you need to set yourself in motion despite fear’s incessant attempts convince you not to leave the safe shores of your comfort zones.

You have a world to discover, a massive contribution to make, and goals and dreams to achieve. But you must pay a deaf hear to fear if you want to taste any of it. Fear will continue to speak, but you don’t have to listen to it—at least, you don’t have to comply with its wishes. You might not be able to stop it from yelling at you, but you can stop it from controlling your life.

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Vladimir Elie

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