Why Your Deeds Must Match Your Dreams

How do you know you’re on the right track to accomplishing your dreams? The answer is simple: look at your deeds. Your actions define where you’re going. They are driving you in a direction towards a destination.

This may sound simple and obvious. But you’d be surprised (or maybe not) at the number of people who have big dreams but small deeds (or no deed at all). They talk a big game, but don’t show up on the field where the work is done; they’re too busy dancing with procrastination or entertaining distractions.

Your actions should give people an idea of your aspirations. When they look at your deeds, they should get an indication of your dreams. If fact, you shouldn’t even have to say anything; your actions alone should be sufficient for someone to infer what your dreams are.

You shouldn’t have to tell people you want to be a virtuoso pianist; they should see it from your discipline at the piano.

You shouldn’t have to tell people you want to write books; they should be able to tell by the time you spend writing.

You shouldn’t have to tell people you want to be a CEO of a great company; they should see it from your work ethic and your commitment to your development.

I believe you can achieve big dreams; you’ve been endowed with a great potential. However, all of this doesn’t matter if you don’t do work.

If I were to follow you all day for a week, would I conclude that your actions match your ambitions? If I examined your schedule, what story would it tell me? Would I see the story of someone pursuing great goals or the story of someone only wishing for them?

Great goals aren’t achieved in words; they are achieved in works. And if you have great goals, you’ll need to take bold, focused, consistent, and strategic action to achieve them.

Fewer words, more work.

Less verbosity, more productivity.

Less discussion, more action.

No action, no results.

No deeds, no dream.

It doesn’t matter how loud you say you’re going to do this or that and the other. It’s not going to happen unless you do the work. Wishing for it isn’t enough. Talking about it isn’t enough. You have to work for it.

Results don’t lie. And results are predicated on what you do. Results are dictated by works, not words. Hence nothing is going to materialize until your deeds match your dreams until your actions match ambitions.

Your actions are telling you a story. If you pay close attention to them, they’ll tell you if you’re on your way to achieving your bold, ambitious goals. And if you don’t like what they’re telling you, take a hard look in the mirror and make the firm decision to change your ways.

Change your actions so that they match your ambitions; change your deeds so that they match your dreams.