Why Your Productivity is Tied To Your Purpose

If you plant an apple tree, you expect that, when the tree grows, it will produce apples. If the tree grows but doesn’t produce any apples, you won’t care about how high and thick it is or the number of leaves it has.

The productivity of an apple tree isn’t measured by the number of leaves it produces, but by the number of quality apples it produces. The height of the tree isn’t as crucial as the fruit it yields. You didn’t plant the apple tree for its height, thickness, or the abundance of its leaves; you planted that seed so that you can reap quality apples.

The apple tree is productive to the extent to which it fulfills its purpose: producing quality apples. The rest is accessory. The apple tree’s productivity is directly linked to its purpose: producing apples.

Likewise, your productivity doesn’t depend on the number of things you do, as most of it might be “leave” activities. It’s measured by the quantity of quality, purposeful work you produce.

Your productivity depends on what you’re meant to produce. Productivity is linked to purpose.

For example, your place of employment has hired you for a reason. You’re productive to the extent that you fulfill that purpose. Therefore, you must be clear as to what is expected of you. Otherwise, you may be working amiss.

If you were hired to take people’s orders in a restaurant, you’re productive when you offer quality customer service to as many clients as you can. It doesn’t matter that you wish to clean cars. You have no business being in the parking lot washing people’s cars.

At a deeper level, you have a purpose for being alive, and you must understand what that purpose is if you want to be genuinely productive. You want to invest your talents, abilities, time, energy, and other resources producing what you are meant to produce.

If you’re meant to write books or sing songs or build businesses, that’s what you must do; there lies the core of your productivity. You may have surrounding activities (leave activities), but the bulk of your focus must be on your purpose (producing apples).

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.