Why You’re Struggling to Break Your Bad Habits – Part 4

Your mindset plays a vital role in your ability to break your bad habits. Without the right frame of mind, you’ll have a hard time fostering positive change in your life.

In the previous post, we discussed one of the debilitating mindsets that cause you struggle to break a specific bad habit: the belief that breaking that habit is too hard. To change your ways, you must believe that change is possible and that your desired result is attainable.

Another belief that will cause you to struggle to break a bad habit is the belief that that habit isn’t that big of an issue. In other words, if you don’t believe that you need to change, you won’t change—at least you’ll struggle to create change.

Perhaps your spouse is convinced that you need to change, and to please her, you want to try to change. But you don’t share her conviction; deep down, you don’t think the habit is that bad.

Perhaps your doctor and financial planner advise that you change before it’s too late and you suffer the harsh consequences of a bad habit, but you don’t take them too seriously. Therefore, your efforts to break your bad habit are feeble.

Perhaps other people in your life have been trying to hint to you that you need to stop that bad habit, but you think that they’re exaggerating a little. To appease them, you try to break that bad habit but because of this debilitating mindset—i.e., it’s not that big of an issue—your attempts have been to no avail.

As you can imagine, with such lax attitude, it’s difficult to foster change in your life. Until you acknowledge that a bad habit is a problem that needs to be addressed, until you recognize your need to change, there’s little hope for you to overcome that bad habit.

To break a bad habit, you need the engine of willpower to propel you forward. You don’t get very far with a lukewarm desire.

If you’re comfortable with your bad habit, there is no reason for you to put in your best effort to break it. Most bad habits—especially those that people who have your best interest at heart mention—are serious enough issue for you to commit to breaking them. But until you acknowledge that they’re indeed an issue, you’ll make little progress.

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