Why You’re Struggling to Break Your Bad Habits – Part 5

In this series of post, we’ve been examining some of the key reasons why you might be struggling to break one of your bad habits. So far, we’ve discussed four reasons.

The first two reasons relate to the effects of a specific bad habit on you: what you get from them (i.e., they give you pleasure or relieve you from pain).

Reasons three and four relate to your mindset: you struggle either because you think the specific habit is too hard to break or because you don’t believe the habit is that big of an issue.

In this post and the next, I turn my attention to practical reasons for your struggle.

You may be struggling to break a bad habit simply because you’re going at it the wrong way: you’re using an ineffective strategy.

For example, you might be trying to stop smoking cold turkey. You set a day on which you’ll stop, and when that day comes, you try to stop, only to go right back to it after a few days (and perhaps even hours).

Your problem is that you’re going at it the wrong way: you’re using the wrong strategy. Although others may have been able to stop cold turkey, this strategy proves inadequate for you.

Also, your environment may not be conducive to your efforts to break your bad habit. Your environment plays a significant role in your ability to break a bad habit. Your environment includes objects, places, and people.

There are objects in your environment that are still triggering the bad habit. For example, if you’re struggling to break your video-gaming habit, you may want to store your video game console out of sight and out of reach; every time you see the console, you’re getting tempted to play.

There are places that incite you to perform your bad habit. For example, if you’re trying to cut down your consumption of sweets, don’t go hang out with your friends at the donuts place or ice cream place every day. If you stop drinking (alcohol), don’t hang out at the bar.

There are people who sabotage (often unwillingly) your efforts to break a bad habit. For example, you would be wise to stay away from your shopaholic friends if you’re trying to break your habit to overspend your money. Likewise, don’t spend your days in the company of smokers if you’re trying to quit smoking. It’s unwise to try to break bad habits while surrounded by people who push you to indulge in it.

You may be struggling to break your bad habit because you’re in the wrong environment. You’re still surrounded by your kryptonite (the things that make you fall). Your environment isn’t supporting your goal. Don’t stay in the middle of the temptation needlessly.

If you’re going to break your bad habits, you must employ an effective methodology.

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