Why You’re Struggling to Break Your Bad Habits – Part 6

Breaking bad habits requires commitment. It requires time and effort. Bad habits don’t leave without a fight. They cling to you like a lion to its prey. And to free yourself from their grip, you must apply great force—for a long enough period. And even when you’re able to shake them off, you must continue to be on your guard, as they may assault you by surprise.

Breaking bad habits is a struggle. And in this series, we’ve discussed the following reasons that explain why:

The last reason I want to cover in this series—and it’s another practical reason for your struggle—is that you haven’t made it a priority. It’s closely related to the belief that a bad habit is not that big of an issue. However, here, we’re focusing on the practical side of things rather than the mindset side of things.

The bottom line is this. You struggle to break a bad habit because you don’t consecrate the time and energy you must. And you don’t dedicate the required time and effort because you haven’t established breaking the habit as a priority; we always invest time in activities and goals that are a priority.

You may be claiming that breaking that bad habit is a priority. However, your actions send a different message: they say it’s not a priority right now.

Your actions show that you don’t yet have the dedication to change. And until you commit, you’ll continue to struggle to eliminate your bad habit. When the prize is worth the price, you make the sacrifice.

Breaking your bad habits should become a priority. There is no better time than now. Don’t procrastinate (it’s a bad habit). When it comes to bad habits, the sooner you break them, the better, as you limit the damage they produce in your life. In an ideal world, you would drop all your bad habits immediately. But it’s not that simple. However, you can begin your journey today.

The timing for tackling a bad habit is never perfect. This is not something you make an appointment for. It’s s something you address immediately, as in as soon as you realize that it’s an issue. Otherwise, it continues its damage in your life. You must break that habit before it creates a crisis in your life.

Despite the struggle, you can break your bad habits. Some are more stubborn than others, but with the proper mindset and method, you can overcome them all.

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