Without These Skills You Won’t Make it as an Organizational Leader – Part 4

In this series, I cover vital skills leaders must develop to become (and remain) effective in their leadership role. So far, we’ve examined the following sets of skills:

If we combine these three sets of skills, we can say that leaders ensure that their “team” performs all its “tasks” on “time.”

The next two sets of skills—which I cover in this post and the next—focus a little more on the “future”.

The first of these is what I call thought management. Effective leaders must master their thinking.

1. Decisions

Day in and day out, organizational leaders are called upon to make decisions. Effective leaders are skillful at making these decisions. Because they’re able to assess a situation or recommendation in a short time, they can make good decisions—quickly. When presented with options, they go through a systematic thought process, which clarifies which of the options is most viable.

2. Strategy

Effective leaders think strategically on matters related with their team and organization. They seek for ways to improve their processes and gain efficiencies. They examine their operations and identify areas of improvements. Leaders are strategists. They strategize on how to get their team to “win”.

3. Vision

Organizational leaders often have the dual role of, on the one hand, managing their team and, on the other hand, helping to chart the future of the organization they serve. Therefore, not only must they focus on what is currently happening in their team, they must also keep their eyes turn toward the future.

Effective leaders think about the future of their line of work. Aware that the world is constantly changing, they seek to stay relevant in their chosen field.

As a leader, you manage your thoughts. Leaders are thinkers. Therefore, you must improve your decision-making process, strategize to lead your team to success, and invest time in reflecting on the future of your team and organization.

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Vladimir Elie

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