Work Up a Good Sweat

As a teenager, I played ice hockey (as well as other sports, but hockey was my favorite). After every game and every practice, I was drenched in sweat. my muscles were tired and I needed to rest.

Driven by a strong passion for that sport, I gave it my all—every time. In good days as in bad days, I went on the ice and gave my best effort.

I didn’t win all the games, but I showed up on the ice. And sweat! A lot.

When I earned my degree in engineering, the same thing: I sweat. It was a different type of sweat (primarily mental and intellectual sweat), but sweat nonetheless.

Building my relationship with my wife was the same thing: I sweat. It was a different type of sweat (emotional and spiritual sweat)…

The list goes on.

To accomplish anything significant, you have to sweat!


If you’re not sweating to achieve your great goals, you’re not putting in the required effort. Great effort is the tuition you pay for great achievements.

You want a great marriage, you must put in great effort.

You want to build a great business, you must put in great effort.

You want a great career, you must put in great effort.

Putting in the effort is the cost for the result.

Many people want the result without having to put in the effort. They want to reap a harvest without sowing the seeds and nurturing them. They want the muscles without the sweat. They want the promotion without the putting in the work.

They fail to recognize that putting in the effort is part of the “joy” of savoring the outcome. “The Sweat” is part of the joy of “Victory”. Victories that demand great sweat are often the sweetest.

The goals you aspire to achieve will demand effort—lots of it. If you really want it (i.e. want it with a passion), you’re going to have to work up a good sweat!

Granted, you don’t always control the outcome, as there are factors that are beyond your control. And sometimes despite your best efforts you “lose” the game. But you do control your input: the effort you put in.

It’s one thing to fail because of factors beyond your control. It’s another thing to fail because you didn’t even try—or didn’t try hard enough.

The outcome is important. But there’s more than just the outcome. There’s the person you become in the process, and who you become is directly related to the effort you put in.

Give your best effort—Always!