Your Biggest Obstacle!

As you strive to achieve your goals and materialize your vision, you’ll face many obstacles. Guaranteed. Lack of resources, lack of support, lack of information, backstabbing, etc. —all are obstacles you may face along the way. So many obstacles. And to get to your end result, you must learn to overcome them; you can’t allow challenges, roadblocks, and opposition to bring you down.

As difficult as these obstacles can be, they aren’t your biggest obstacles. In fact, these are all external. And your greatest challenges are not external; they are internal. They live in your mind.

Your greatest challenges are not external; they are internal. They live in your mind. Click To Tweet

In fact, your biggest obstacle is “You”. Yes, “You”:

  • “You” allowing fear to dictate what you can and cannot do
  • “You” talking yourself out of good opportunities
  • “You” resisting necessary change and growth
  • “You” refusing to humble yourself and learn from other people, thinking that you have all the answers
  • “You” hiding your true, authentic self, because you’re afraid of being rejected
  • “You” clinging to self-limiting beliefs, which locks you in the cage of menial work
  • “You” settling for mediocrity when you are called for greatness
  • “You” waiting for perfect conditions before you go after your dreams
  • “You” indulging in self-sabotaging behaviors
  • “You” playing the blame game, instead of taking responsibility for your results and for your life
  • “You” choosing to slouch in front of the TV when you should be working on your dreams
  • “You” deciding to play it safe and remain in your comfort zone
  • “You” refusing to take a risk to move your life forward

And the list goes on and on.

You are your biggest obstacle. And if you can overcome that obstacle, you become unstoppable. If you defeat the enemy within, you don’t have to worry about any outside enemy.

If you defeat the enemy within, you don't have to worry about any outside enemy. Click To Tweet

The good news is that you can have control over you. This means you can change. You can grow and turn things around.

That said, you must first look yourself in the mirror and recognize that you’ve been in your own way. You must acknowledge that, knowingly or unknowingly, you’ve been hindering your own progress.

Don’t succumb to the natural human tendency of blaming external factors for your lack of results. More often than none, these factors, although important, play a much smaller role than you care to admit. An honest look in the mirror will reveal that, often, you’re scuttling your own ship.

This might be a tough pill to swallow. But like a powerful medicine, when you swallow it, it does you a lot of good.

Question: How have you been hindering your own progress?