Your Great Goal Will Place These 4 Great Demands on You

When you decide to pursue a great goal—a goal that pushes you outside of your comfort zone into uncharted territories—you must be ready for the journey, as it’s not going to be easy. Great goals place great demands on you. And to travel the distance, you must prepare for these demands.

The journey you’re embarking on is filled with obstacles and setbacks. But, if you pull it off, it’s a very gratifying one. By preparing, you’re putting things in place so that you can achieve your goal.

Great Mindset

Your mindset dictates your results. The greater part of your results in life can be attributed to your mindset: the way you view yourself, others, and the world. Without a great mindset, great goals are out of reach; great goals demand a great mindset.

The journey towards a great goal is so demanding that, if you don’t have an unshakable mindset, you’ll quit when the going gets tough—and it will; you’ll make excuses or blame others and situations when things don’t go your way; you’ll doubt yourself and question whether you have what it takes; you’ll stay stuck at the gate, afraid to make a mistake; you’ll lose your mind in the abyss of negativity; you won’t be willing to pay the price that your goal demands.

To achieve great goals, you need a great mindset. Show me someone with a great mindset and I’ll show you someone who will achieve great goals. Your mindset is vital to your success.

Great Habits

Habits are like bus drivers; they bring you to a predetermined destination. When you set a great goal, take the time to examine your habits and determine if they’re helping you or hindering you.

To reach a great destination (i.e. a great goal), you need great habits: your habits must carry you to your great goal. For example, if your great goal is to write your first book, you’ll need a strong writing habit. Without this discipline, you won’t make it. The “goal” will remain a wish.

If your habits don’t support your great goal, you’ll spin your wheels, but never make it to your desired destination. Worst, you’ll end up somewhere far from where you wanted to go.

Habits are powerful, and to reach a great goal, you must leverage their power.

Great Work

To achieve great goals, you must make great efforts. This goes without say. No work, no goal.

You can’t work halfheartedly and expect to reach your goal. Not if your goal is great. Great goals demand great work. Like running a marathon, at times, you’ll feel you’re hitting “the wall” and everything in you will want to quit. To reach your goal, you’ll need to press forth beyond “the wall”.

Great goals will demand that you tap in the reservoir of your potential and that you give your all.

Don’t set great goals if you’re not prepared to work. Your work must match your goal. Great goals demand great work.

Great Growth

Much like the heroes we read about in novels and see in movies, you’re the “hero” of your great goal and as such you must go through the hero’s journey. As you go through the “outer” journey towards your goal, you must go through an “inner” journey of growth. The person you are at the start of your journey isn’t the same person you’ll be at the end.

Growth is necessary for reaching the goal. If you refuse to grow, you don’t reach your goal. Be intentional about your growth. Identify your areas for growth and commit to improving them.

For example, if your goal is to launch and operate a successful business (and you’ve never done it before), among other things, you’ll have to grow as a leader.

Whenever you set a great goal, be prepared for great growth.

Great goals demand a great mindset. They demand great habits. They demand great work. They demand great growth. Knowing that your goal will place such great demands on you, you would be wise to make sure your mindset is rock solid, your habits are healthy, your work ethic is strong, and you’re committed to continual growth.