You’re in Trouble If Your Vision Doesn’t Drive These 4 Areas of Your Life

What do you see? I mean: what do you see for your life? For you career? For your marriage? For your family? For your business? Etc.

Having a vision is important.  Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without vision, the people cast off restraint.” Without vision, people are all over the place; they lack focus.

Vision gives focus and direction to your life. When you have a vision, you must align your life to that vision.

You’re in trouble if your vision isn’t guiding your life. In particular, you’re in trouble if your vision doesn’t drive these 4 areas of your life.

Vision Drives Your Decisions

Decisions shape your life. The current state of your life is the result of decisions, most of which you’ve made (and a few were made by others who have an impact on you).

Vision is the measuring stick for your decisions. Avoid making decisions that move you away from your vision. Make sure your decisions align with your vision. These include your career decisions, your relationship decisions, your financial decisions, etc.

During your journey, you’re presented with many opportunities. Your vision helps you decide which ones you should invest in.

Analyze every decision through the lens of your vision.

Vision Drives Goals

Vision and goals work together like “end zone” and “yard lines” work together on the football field. To be effective, your goals must lead you towards your vision—with each goal bringing you closer to the “end zone” of your vision. Your vision defines the goals you set for yourself. It helps you determine which projects you must launch and which you must dump.

Without a clear vision, you risk becoming a victim of the “shiny object syndrome” and pursue any “glittering” goal, which usually leads nowhere—at least nowhere you want to go.

Vision Drives Actions

If there is a reaction to every action, let the “reaction” to your actions be a materialization of your vision. For this to be so, vision must drive your actions.

Your ability to put your nose down and work towards your vision (i.e. conform your actions to your vision) will determine your success in achieving your vision.

Procrastination wipes out your vision. You can’t be procrastinating and expect to accomplish your vision. You must take action—and massive action that pushes you towards your vision.

Immediate gratification sabotages your vision. You don’t sow seeds today and expect and harvest tomorrow.

The actions you’re doing today will yield a return later. It takes some time to achieve anything significant. Your vision may take some time to materialize. But you must take action now.

Let your distant vision drive your current actions.

Vision Drives Growth

Vision defines the person you need to become. A great vision demands great growth. You must become the person who can carry the weight of your vision, otherwise, you won’t get there.

The “higher” you go, the more you must grow. To carry a great vision, you must become a great person, and this requires that you grow: strengthen your mindset and attitude; sharpen your technical and interpersonal skills; increase your self-discipline and time management. Your vision calls for a better version of you.

These 4 areas—decisions, goals, actions, and growth—are the 4 wheels of the vehicle leading you to your vision. Make sure you have no flat tire.